Content Marketing

Content is still King

A website without content is like a beautiful vase without flowers: they cannot be without each other. Today, more than ever, content marketing is an indispensable tool to achieve:

  • sales increase
  • more customers
  • increase in trust flow
  • cost reduction

Content is still King!

Content Plan and Content Strategy

Nowadays content marketers face major challenges in achieving good results and should go beyond just filling pages. A profitable website consists of more than just beautiful pictures with a nice text that contains some keywords here and there. As with all aspects of a company, strategy and a tailor-made plan are also essential. This starts with the message that needs to be spread to the website visitors. Next we have had to look at the different channels to convey this message and how we can do this in a particularly striking way. Diversity is very important here.

As Eric Thomas says: So don’t be average – Don’t be good – Don’t be great – Be phenomenal – Or be forgotten.


Every content plan needs a good fundament. Moreover, this is the basis on which further progress can be made from dissecting and 100% understanding of current visitors as the other target group. It must be established on a search basis that the tasks stand out. Using this fundament, we can look at the available tools and implementers within the budget and the company. We think of forums, videos, blogs, infographics, social media, podcasts, public relations, e-mail, webinars, referring links, etc. Later we can perform an alignment for implementation.


The times of endless texts stuffed with keywords are over. Google is getting smarter and can appreciate a well-written text like no other. In addition, Google is nowadays prepared to punish if it is not. It is therefore important that we leave the professionals to work. Even for affiliate sites – where copying content is even a core business – the percentage of original content should not be less than 25%.

Specialised SEO proof content

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