Internet Marketing


The purpose of internet marketing is to communicate the message (whether or not service or product) in such a way that the message is clear. In addition, it is important that the message reaches the right visitor and that the message not only connects to what the website visitor wants but also how he wants it and preferably even when. A big job! As a result, specialists are happy to use available online tools to achieve conversion based on a choice of signboard. Obviously websites and blogs are the most common medium, but we also think of e-mail, videos, social media, advertisements, infographics, forums, webinars and so on. The online market also never stands still, so we have to make a selection and, above all, not lose sight of our goal. The most common tools at the time of writing are:
– Keyword analysis
– Keyword rank
– Backlink research
– Site Audit
– Site Analysis
– Social Media Management
– Email Marketing
– Advertisement research
– (Google) Analytics
– Affiliate Tools
– Content Creation
– Link Management
– Lead Marketing

Video goes Viral

When people think of internet marketing, we automatically think of websites. Although we have little influence on that, it is a bit unjustified because email marketing, for example, is still one of the most effective campaigns that can be widely used because it is also one of the cheaper campaigns. Advertising can also form part of a good marketing strategy. Just think of all the advertisements that we get – whether or not requested – when we look up something at our good friend Google. A new trend that seems to be continuing is online video marketing. Charles-Émile Reynaud, the inventor of the film, must have been one of the most proud people in the world when he heralded the start of a new film industry with his invention. But he would be delighted if he could see the current online video industry and the related gaming industry. The ultimate goal for every marketer is a video clip that travels the world and preferably no coincidence but a very sophisticated video.